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For every professional, faultless performance in their equipment is vital.

The Surface Pro never falters when called on to the stage without any notice. Show your clients your ongoing work with confidence, as great battery life is combined with high speed and gorgeous looks.

The Surface Studio may not immediately strike you as the right choice, but if you need to present big ideas quickly, there is none better. Draft, spin, and present.

Battery life and portability don’t normally grab the headlines, but no one wants to be caught short desperately trying to find a plug on a client’s premises, or hauling a heavy bag. Enter the Surface Book 2. Lightweight, with up to 16 hours of power.

Professional Services Surface Book 2

Battery life and portability are pretty important to us. We don’t need to be wasting time looking around for plugs or lugging a heavy bag every time we visit our clients. But the Surface Book 2 is lightweight and gives us up to 16 hours power so we can just focus on the meeting.
Professional Services Consultant

Professional Services Surface Pro

The Surface Pro is a great upgrade in this series. It goes for longer, works faster and looks better than anything else that’s come before. Most of the time, we use it when we’re in between meetings but sometimes we have had to show clients what we’ve been working on right there and then and it’s never let us down.
Professional Services Consultant