Microsoft Surface Pro An everyday story of versatility.

Touching, moving, better than ever – the Surface Pro is one in a series known for its lightness and dexterity.

Easy to pick up, uncompromisingly mobile and created to bring a powerful performance to everyday life, the all-new Surface Pro features surprising innovations. There is the Kickstand, type cover and ingenious ability to switch between laptop, studio or tablet mode. There is the 50% extra battery life and 2.5x greater performance compared with the last in the series. Plus, the razor-sharp resolution on the 12.3” PixelSense™ touchscreen display is a real game-changer.

With the Surface Pen, Surface Dial and Office, the Surface Pro is quietly regarded as the most versatile laptop ever.

Microsoft Surface Pro Professional Services

The Surface Pro is a great upgrade in this series. It goes for longer, works faster and looks better than anything else that’s come before. Most of the time, we use it when we’re in between meetings but sometimes we have had to show clients what we’ve been working on right there and then and it’s never let us down.
Professional Services Consultant

Microsoft Surface Pro Engineers

We use these when we’re not at our desks because we can still get creative on the fly. With the Intel® Core™ processor and SSD storage the Surface Pro is an uncompromising device despite the small form factor. The 12.3” PixelSense™ screen is a big plus.
Mechanical Engineer

Microsoft Surface Pro Retailers

We use the Surface Pro out in the stores because they are so light and versatile. One minute you can be going through an order with a customer and the next you can be reviewing stock or watching the latest product demo from HQ. The best thing for us is that it is so easy to carry around.
Head of Retail Store Technology

Microsoft Surface Pro Manufacturers

The ability to move between laptop, studio and tablet mode makes the Surface Pro a really useful bit of kit. Whenever I need to catch up on work outside the office, I still feel able to modify designs and review big data files while in the coffee shop. I couldn’t do that before as my tablet just wasn’t up to it.
Manufacturing Designer

Microsoft Surface Pro Small Business Owners

This is pretty much my office on the move. I can take everything I need with me because this is a powerful beast of a device. Dare I say it, it’s quite a sexy one at that. The Alcantara® material on the Surface Pro’s detachable keyboard is a luxury addition and it is quiet, light and fast. My ideal travel companion!
Small Business Owner

Microsoft Surface Pro Mobile Sales

We’ve always loved the Surface Pro series and it just got about ten times better. All the extras make this more than a simple tablet and much easier to handle than your average laptop. What really stands out for us is how it works together with the Surface Pen and Surface Dial so it’s hyper-productive on the go.
Mobile Sales Team Leader
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