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In the fabled customer journey, there are a few key protagonists. The Surface Book 2 allows managers to work at their desks, but in one swift, dextrous movement, the screen is whisked away onto the shop floor so managers can interact with customers.

The Surface Laptop has more than just power; it simply oozes class. With a keyboard made of luxury Alcantara, it gives off all the right signals to your customers that they are dealing with a retailer of choice.

Your staff will be fighting over who uses the Surface Studio to run your customers through the latest deals on the huge 28” PixelSense™ screen.

Or, glide across the shop floor with the light and versatile Surface Pro, no matter what the task is at hand; be it reviewing stock or watching a product demo.

Retailers Surface Laptop

This looks better than some of the signature pieces we sell in our stores! I mean, the Surface Laptop isn’t just about the power inside or the design features, like the rounded edge-to-edge display. It also comes in some truly stunning colours and even the keyboard is made in luxury Alcantara!
Head of Retail Store Technology

Retailers Surface Studio

This is the device that everyone wants to get their hands on at work. We use several on the shop floor to advertise the latest deals. But at the end of the day we can just take them down and use them as computers in the office. The Surface Studio’s touchscreen and the fact it takes up next to no room on the desk are an added bonus.
Head of Retail Store Technology

Retailers Surface Pro

We use the Surface Pro out in the stores because they are so light and versatile. One minute you can be going through an order with a customer and the next you can be reviewing stock or watching the latest product demo from HQ. The best thing for us is that it is so easy to carry around.
Head of Retail Store Technology

Retailers Surface Go

The Surface Go is used by both our floor workers and store managers, and it is now hard to envisage us ever being without them. It allows us to deliver immersive customer experiences and digital customization that really adds an exciting dimension to the purchase decision process.
Head of Retail Store Technology