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This is a tale of revolution. New pressures make it harder to win and maintain clients. In this new landscape, manufacturers need new ways to design, collaborate and create.

The Surface Book 2 is the embodiment of this. The Surface Pen and Surface Dial make the journey from a draft sketch to a full CAD drawing seamless, while the detachable screen is inspired, and inspiring.

You won’t miss working on a desk-based big screen with the lightweight Surface Laptop. The touchscreen input heightens usability, while the edge-to-edge display and ultra-thin bezel are eye-catching design flourishes.

You’d be forgiven for thinking the Surface Studio was made bespoke. Claw back valuable time by painting, drawing and editing all in one place. The true-to-life PixelSense™ screen can be quickly flipped to share work with colleagues or clients.

Arguably the most versatile laptop around, the Surface Pro gives you the ability to modify designs and review big data files no matter where you are.

Manufacturers Surface Book

Did I think there was a bit too much hype when I first heard about the Surface Book 2? I probably did. Then I got my hands on one and as soon as I folded it into studio mode, I was convinced. The Surface Pen and Surface Dial are my new favourite things. They just make it so easy to go from a draft sketch to a full CAD drawing. I’m actually quite envious of the designer who came up with the idea to create a detachable screen. Genius.
Manufacturing Designer

Manufacturers Surface Laptop

I’m not normally a fan of laptops. I either work on a big screen at my desk or a smaller device that I can carry around. So I was very surprised by the Surface Laptop. The touchscreen input is really handy and it’s lightweight too. It’s also got some really nice design features, like the edge-to-edge display, ultra-thin bezel and whisper-quiet operation.
Manufacturing Designer

Manufacturers Surface Studio

It’s like the Surface Studio was designed just for me. I save so much time because now I don’t have to transfer my designs from paper or another device onto a big screen. I can paint, draw and edit all in one place either with the Pen or just by touch. The PixelSense™ screen is ridiculously true-to-life and I can quickly flip it up to show my colleagues what I have been working on. Ten out of ten!
Manufacturing Designer

Manufacturers Surface Pro

The ability to move between laptop, studio and tablet mode makes the Surface Pro a really useful bit of kit. Whenever I need to catch up on work outside the office, I still feel able to modify designs and review big data files while in the coffee shop. I couldn’t do that before as my tablet just wasn’t up to it.
Manufacturing Designer