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Whatever your role in the thick of government, there is the perfect Surface to suit. The Surface Book 2 combines performance with great battery life but, most importantly, has stringent security features.

Lengthy log-ins are a thing of the bureaucratic past with the Surface Laptop’s password-free sign-in with Windows hello. It always stays quiet when running, so can be taken into any sensitive environment with confidence, and is powerful, light and versatile too.

Need to present big ideas to ministers and civil servants? The Surface Studio allows you to quickly draft a presentation and spin the screen around to powerfully demonstrate your thoughts, losing none of your desk-based performance.

Whereas the Surface Pro gives you the familiarity, and the power, you need, all combined with a great display.

Government Surface Laptop

We’ve upgraded all our Departmental devices and we’ve really noticed the difference with the Surface Laptop. No one is complaining about lengthy logins because now they have password-free sign-in with Windows Hello. It stays quiet in our open plan office and it’s powerful, light and versatile too.
UK Government Department

Government Surface Pro

For us, the Surface Pro fits neatly into our corporate infrastructure. It’s part of the Windows family so it gives our users the familiarity they need. It’s also really powerful with a great display so if people are working away from the office they don’t lose any of the performance they would get at their desks.
UK Government Department

Government Surface Go

Dare I say, I feel a bit like a government secret agent with my Surface Go! Something small and inconspicuous, yet holding so much power, that runs so silently it is almost covert! Importantly, I know all my data is secure and readily accessible. I take it everywhere and would never be without it.
UK Government Department