Microsoft Surface Go A Tale of Portable Power

Who thought something packed with so much power could be so light?

It’s time to take flight with the new Surface Go, the lightest and most compact Surface yet.

The Surface Go enables you to navigate your toughest tasks with effortless ease, with the fast Intel® 7th Generation processor at its heart.

Stay connected anywhere as you traverse your working day with optional LTE1connectivity, and get the manageability and security features you trust with Windows 10 Pro.

So buckle yourself in for the fastest ride of your life and experience the best of Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface Go Government

Dare I say, I feel a bit like a government secret agent with my Surface Go! Something small and inconspicuous, yet holding so much power, that runs so silently it is almost covert! Importantly, I know all my data is secure and readily accessible. I take it everywhere and would never be without it.
UK Government Department

Microsoft Surface Go Retailers

The Surface Go is used by both our floor workers and store managers, and it is now hard to envisage us ever being without them. It allows us to deliver immersive customer experiences and digital customization that really adds an exciting dimension to the purchase decision process.
Head of Retail Store Technology

Microsoft Surface Go Education

It is not an over-exaggeration to say that the introduction of the Surface Go into my classroom has really transformed the dynamic of my teaching. It helps me to deliver innovative ways of teaching and crucially can be used by students of all abilities.
Education IT Leader

Microsoft Surface Go Firstline

Our field teams can encounter such diverse situations that having the right equipment is vital. The Surface Go gives them everything they need. From day-to-day problem solving, to crisis management, it simply but importantly helps them to get a full day’s work done.
Telecommunications Company