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We all grew up with tales of the first computers in schools. Times have changed.

Whatever the class subject, The Surface Book 2 provides high performance graphics and data applications, whilst giving creative students the means to give life to their imagination and showcase their work.

The last thing the Surface Laptop could be called is old-school. This good-looking piece of cutting-edge IT equipment comes in four styles, with the PixelSense™ screen and speeds impressive to any student.

The Surface Studio was born to be in the class room. A quick flip between flat draught mode to upright, studio mode allows both students and staff to sketch ideas and quickly share. That’s not even to mention the power…

Mobility and swift set up are vital for staff who have to regularly change classrooms. The Surface Pro allows you to take all work with you, with none of the hassle of having to find space.

Education Surface Laptop

With the Surface Laptop there are none of the usual moans and groans from students that the IT equipment they’re using is too old-school. We give them the Surface Laptop to use in class and there are four styles to choose from. To be fair though, it’s not just that these are good-looking devices. They’re finding the PixelSense™ screen and speeds are pretty impressive too.
Education IT Leader